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Life Has a Funny Way of Working Out…

I haven’t added any new posts lately, and I wanted to start the new year off with an optimistic message. I am feeling good, and I think New Year’s symbolizes for many of us a fresh start, or a reset on our lives, a reevaluation of what and how we are doing. I know it has been for me. I think this past year I got caught up in trying too hard to make things work out how I wanted them to, instead of just letting things work themselves out how they are meant to be.

Life can be short, long, or inbetween. But, either way life has a funny way of working out. Sometimes it is unexpected. Sometimes not. But, whatever happens, happens. You can only control so much, so focus on the things that you can change, and allow the greater changes to enfold in the ways they will. I think I wasted a lot of energy in futility, because I was stubborn, and a hopeless romantic. I am still a romantic, but now I have some hope. The future is bright, I just went through a tunnel. The light at the end of it shines as bright as ever.

Life is what you make of it, and I know I have made it harder on myself in some ways, not always made the best decisions or thought things through enough. But, the past is the past, and I think it is important to give the present and the future its due. The past cannot be changed. Only the future, and it isn’t up to a mystical fate. It is up to each of us to create our fate. If there is something you want to do before you die, get on it! There is no time like the present. I am going to try to do some writing everyday. It helps me reach my equilibrium, when my equilibrium  is off, everything seems to fall apart, when I feel balanced, things seem tranquil. So I am going to take the time to find myself, and my destiny. I can’t know the future, and I can’t control what happens outside of my immediate influence. But, I can choose how I react to it, and I can make choices that will determine it in the long run.

On that note, I would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year, and take care of your loved ones, and the people in your lives. It is the memories of the holidays that children remember the most, so make them happy times. That is also a choice. 🙂



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One thought on “Life Has a Funny Way of Working Out…

  1. Incredible! I connected with every part of this. I’m probably going to refer back to this several times throughout the new year. And yes, life certainly has a funny way of working out.

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