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Lottay or lattee…Pronounciation and the idea of NOW

Another random musing. This one has to do with pronunciation. My parents treated me to Starbucks and are getting me snow tires because they know I can’t afford it otherwise. Well, I meant the tires, but in truth, Starbucks is also a luxury at this point.  My poor dad isn’t an espresso drinker, he doesn’t know the lingo, or how to order an espresso.  So, me and my Mom share a little chuckle at his expense when he orders me a Cinnamon Dolce LATTEY. And, then they ask what size, and I tell him, Grande. And he says, Grande? like it is a question, mumbling something along the lines of… “I feel like I’m ordering Mexican?”  And then, after thinking about it, enjoying this Latte, sipping its sweetness and feeling the warmth cascade down my throat, how did I download this innate coffee lingo? How did I get my coffee knowledge? Was there a time when I would’ve mispronounced Latte? I remember my Mom calling it “expresso” back in the day, and I found it a little embarrassing. (I was a kid, we are embarrassed by everything our parents say, or don’t say.)

But when did this lingo revolution occur? When did I get all this knowledge? Was it like the Matrix, did I lean back in a chair while someone  prepared my disc and implanted it? I honestly cannot remember learning what a latte was, or when I learned this. I remember a movie that a lot of people hated back in the day, Hudson Hawk. In Hudson Hawk Bruce Willis makes several references to cappuccino. It is kinda conspicuous, it pops up so much, in the movie, it is almost like it was the new trend or something back then. Now, you wouldn’t see that in the movie, they would just have the character get a mocha, or a latte.

It is like when all video game machines were called Nintendos. It used to be, what are you doing? “Oh, playing Nintendo.” Now it is… What are you doing? “Oh, I am console gaming while I am waiting for this WoW patch to download on my laptop while my Ipod sincs with my Itunes on the desktop, and my digital camera downloads the latest photos of me and my latest Ebay purchases while I surfed on my Iphone….”

Yeah… and when people no longer know how to communicate or pronounce anything face to face, and it is all “Lawls” and “ROFLMAO” and “nub” and the english language won’t matter. And I’ll be wondering, when did I hear about this Latte crap? We do coffee intravenously, when did I get this knowledge? I need that Lottie in 1.5 secs, need my fix now. As I am used to faster and faster download times, I no longer have the patience to wait even the second it takes to put the coffee in a cup, I need it NOW! On that note…..lawl. 😛 *Breathe* Take a moment, take a second, to just breathe. Sometimes modern life is too much, and everyone is in the “hurry up so I can wait mode.” We can wait, we will get there when we get there. We don’t need to hurry. Take the time to mispronounce the roses…there is plenty of time.



Singe mom, part time writer of primarily sci-fi and fantasy.

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