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Acceptance is the Best Gift you can Give Someone

This was another idea I had last night, but I nearly forgot it. But it is something I want to touch on, because I think it is important. I think too few people realize it. Or realize it late in life. The greatest gift you can give someone isn’t love. I used to think it was. And, that sounds very romantic. But, it isn’t. Because you can fall for an illusion, or you can think you love someone and not really know them.

I think, before you even worry about love, or giving love, you need to accept yourself, and accept the person, for who they are, as they are. Too often people (myself included, guilty as charged!)think that they can tinker, fix, alter, change, encourage, provoke, cause someone to be what they want. If you want to custom order a lifesize doll as a mate, I think they made a movie about that? Lars and the Real Girl. (i like this movie btw, it is funny, and strangely moving.)

Otherwise, you have to accept people, or not accept people. But if you want to know the greatest thing you can do for someone, accept them as they are, just be happy that they are them, and not someone else, whether they are family, lover, or friend. Just let them be. Don’t try to change them. If you don’t like them, why are you hanging out with them? Accept them, if they are gay, straight, bi, alien, 4 legs, whatever. They are who they are. Love what you love about them, and accept what you don’t. Focus on the positive. And, find inner peace. If you must work on someone, the best person is yourself. Because that is the only person you have any control over, or should have any control over. (there are some abusive types, but obviously this is bad.)

So, when I am asked what I want for Christmas, I am going to say…. Accept me as I am. Do not pick at my faults, embrace them. Do not tear me down, lift me up. Find what it is you like about me, and embrace that. And in return, I will accept you… I will accept you, as you are, as is. Sometimes it is the second hand stores that have the best clothes/furniture. As people, we are all second, third, fortieth hand, we have all been exposed to, and experienced alot of events and other people. Embrace it! *smile* You are on candid camera…well,I’m being candid at least. Not sure about the camera part, just always wanted to say that. hehe.

The other gift you can give yourself….don’t take yourself, or life too seriously….Life is too short,(read other post if you don’t get this.) oops!*Note to self, find another way to say that, please! 😛



Singe mom, part time writer of primarily sci-fi and fantasy.

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