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Concrete — A Future Story

The sun beat down mercilessly on her bare shoulders. She moved an arm slowly, wiping the large drops of sweat from her forehead to the ground. She wasn’t used to the heat, it rarely got hot in the summer where she was from, but here with all the concrete sidewalks, metal benches, and towering buildings; these things were heat magnets.

This was once a busy place, she knew that before she began digging. The signs of a thousand voices mumbling were so real; she half dreamed she was there. She missed the trees. Why had the people cut all the trees down? Except for a plot of land untouched in the middle of this long lost city, cement covered the earth preventing all but the most stubborn of vegetation.

Time had slowly eroded the city. There were now large cracks in the concrete where determined grass broke free to be followed by generations of the most determined weeds. There were still sections that were so barren and devoid of life that the cement remained intact. The metal benches exposed to the heat of the sun and the occasional rainstorm continued on with minimal rust thanks to some sort of coating.

She had yet to find an object telling her how the people here lived or thought. They’d found coins suggesting an advanced financial society but little else than great swathes of concrete and often larger than life buildings. Did these people just build and build? There had to be more to them than that. She could picture the murmuring of voices, but not the mother and child, nor the kind elderly man who shared his knowledge.

They’d found large metal vehicles, some larger than others. From the sheer number of these one could conclude this was a highly mobilized people. Yet, if everyone had a personal transport, why all the obvious cemented walking paths? Some speculated that these were for the two-wheeled vehicles that were found. These were less popular, or perhaps they didn’t have the survivability rate of the other type.

Many buildings also had numerous monitors in them. What were these for? Security? Entertainment? Information? Children’s toys? It was hard to say. They’d found disks that fit into slots in the machines attached to the monitors but none were functional. There is still no certainty what could be contained within these or what their purpose was.

She again wiped the sweat off her forehead and sighed, setting her tools onto the hot concrete surrounding her. She could almost hear the voices, but the people were far away and the words remained indistinct.



Singe mom, part time writer of primarily sci-fi and fantasy.

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