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Forever, –A Poem

Forever did he dream of her with the raven black hair streaming into the

sunlight glistening with a luster that could rival the diamonds of a treasure trove.

Her eyes flashed a brilliant blue like that of the water of the great sea, sometimes green, other times azure.

He dreamt while he worked, and when he slept, and never did the dream stop,

Sometimes it would leave him cold for she had a sadness about her as if she were not among the living, but yearned for a life long gone,

So many years past that her own town and his were unreachable by land or sea.

They never spoke, but he knew she would be the end of him, thoughts of the mundane or earthly matters meant nothing to him anymore,

And he ceased to remember to eat, ceased to go to work even, and one day, he didn’t get up at all. Still, he dreamt of her, and her raven hair in the sun glistened like a thousand diamonds while the calming sound of the ocean upon a distant shore echoed in the background.



Singe mom, part time writer of primarily sci-fi and fantasy.

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